Solutions | Satellite TV & IPTV

RidgeLinks is an industry leader in the design, engineering, and build of Satellite Television and I.P.T.V. systems. Our team of R.F. Engineers are backed by experienced project managers and highly trained Field Engineers that covers nation wide support. Whether you are considering an HD upgrade to your current system or a new turnkey satellite solution, RidgeLinks will ensure that your project is designed with precise attention to every detail.

Get around the clock access to breaking news that shapes your industry. Our team delivers the right programming your business needs. Corporate television to the conference room, executive office, lobby or common area can be customized for you operations objectives.

Managers, staff, patrons, and guests can all enjoy a high quality television experience with our unique system designs. We provide the proper equipment and installation services so you can focus on other guest amenities.

Live or not, sports content is a critical component to many types of deployments. Sports Stadiums, Arenas, League Operations, Marketing teams and fans require access to sports to stay informed and see who takes home the trophy.

Providing television services to both patients under care and the back office is critical to operations. We know live television services and customized video on post patient care provides for one of the most utilized patient amenities during a hospital or outpatient stay. Having a wide variety of quality programming to view can help pass the time under difficult situations.

Specialized programming for children and seniors provides for a well rounded lineup of news, sports, and entertainment programming services.

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