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Communicating and comprehending information is critical in today’s business environment. Designing solutions that leverage technology to communicate your message is our expertise. We bring a human touch to a very high-tech world to make your job a bit easier.

Business today spans the enterprise and collaboration is critical in this new environment. Scheduling meeting rooms and being confined to a single location is a thing of the past. Today’s workforce expects to contribute their thoughts and content from the desktop, meeting room, home PC or mobile device for benefit of the team.

They also want to annotate documents, videoconference and work projects simultaneously, sharing documents and ideas all while seamlessly moving from one collaboration medium to another. The industry calls it video collaboration – we believe it’s the way business gets done. Let us show you how.

From broadcast solutions to large-screen display, AV consulting, project management and AV integration, our long list of clients includes the nation’s most prestigious companies and professional sports franchises.

Audio drives human emotions and delivering the full experience of an inspiring live performance is at the core of our designs and installations.  Our experience in engineering large venue sound solutions for auditoriums, concert halls, churches, theme parks, sporting events, convention centers, and hotels has taught one thing – no venue is the same and hearing is truly believing!

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